Friday, January 18, 2013

Blood Warrior

Blood Warrior by HD Gordon

HD Gordon’s Blood Warrior is the debut novel in the Alexa Montgomery Saga.  This is an action packed paranormal novel with a romantic twist.  Alexa Montgomery’s mother has instilled in her that her only purpose in life is to train, prepare, and take care of her younger sister Nelly.  After an attack on her family, Alexa must choose to abandon her mother to save Nelly.  Jackson, Alexa’s best friend, helps the sisters run for their life.  The trio is introduced to a whole new life of supernatural beings as they follow the disaster plan put into place by their mother.  Alexa discovers that she is the last sun warrior alive and is the savior to the supernatural community.  Can a teenager hold up to this type of pressure…

I really enjoyed this book but it took a little time to get into.  I’m glad I didn’t because the plot is well thought out with a romantic twist.  I love the strong female heroine.  The cliffhanger ending leaves you wanting more. 

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