Thursday, January 24, 2013

Safe Haven

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

 So, the movie Safe Haven, based on the book by the same name, will be coming out on Valentine’s Day, and I, for one, will be in the audience when it does. Regardless of whether or not the movie is any good (most times, it is a hit or miss with his books-turned-movies), I will be watching it. Julianne Hough is a very pretty girl (although she could do much better in the current boyfriend department, IMO) and I’ve liked her since her DWTS days and Josh Duhamel is just h-o-t! After reading the book, too, I can’t picture anyone else playing the hero now. He is perfect for the part. Additionally, I usually enjoy the movie soundtracks that accompany a Nicholas Sparks movie.

            I am unequivocally a huge Nicholas Sparks fan, and I always have been. And I probably always will be. He is definitely one of my favorite authors and an automatic buy. Now, I know that his books, sometimes, are not the most complex or complicated in terms of his storytelling ability or storyline, but nonetheless, he is a good writer. He is good at what he does, write contemporary romance books with lots of emotion and angst, and he knows who his targeted audience is. Having said that, I know that sometimes his books might utilize a plot device that sounds the same as another, but that doesn’t bother me. Its different characters, different locations, different back stories, different storylines; it’s not the same stories rehashed. To me, his books are the ideal beach read that you can just get lost in, and time seems to fly by because you don’t want to put them down and you’re done with them before you know it. Many of his have left an indelible impression on me; staying with me long after reading them. And I am NOT a rereader of books, but with his, I will read certain ones again and again.

            As for Safe Haven, it is not my favorite Sparks book, but it is in the top ten. *I have a list of my favorites, ranked in order, at the bottom. What I especially like about this one is that there is an element of danger and suspense. Many surprises abound as Katie tries to escape her abusive husband, who will do anything to track her down. There was a very good twist at the end, as well. If you liked the Julia Roberts’s movie, Sleeping with the Enemy, there are strong similarities between this book and that movie. Highly recommend!

My Top Eleven Nicholas Sparks books
  1. The Lucky One
  2. The Rescue
  3. A Bend in the Road
  4. The Choice
  5. The Last Song
  6. Safe Haven
  7. A Walk to Remember
  8. The Notebook
  9. The Best of Me
  10. The Wedding
  11. Dear John

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