Wednesday, May 29, 2013


True by Erin McCarthy


True is an awesome New Adult read. I have never read anything by Erin McCarthy, but I can now say that I am a fan. I have quickly fallen in love with the New Adult genre and I am happy I get to read a review books in this genre.  I feel like I have read enough in this particular genre to give Ms. McCarthy a standing ovation. I really enjoyed this book and am so excited for the next installment. This gut wrenching new series follows the lives of a geeky girl and a totally hot guy and their friends and family during their college years.

Rory Macintosh, a college sophomore and geeky premed student, inadvertently reveals to her roommates Kylie and Jessica, and their boy toys Nathan and Tyler, that she is in fact a virgin.  The roommates pull together a plot to help Rory loose her virginity and gain confidence by hiring Jessica’s friend with benefits Tyler to help her out with her “V” card. 

Tyler Mann is a 22 year old tattooed EMT student who is barely scraping by and his alcoholic mother is no help to him or his 3 brothers.  Tyler takes on the parental role of his two younger brothers one who is “mixed” and the other has Down’s syndrome. The extra cash that Rory’s roommates are offering will help out with the kids and bills. 

Tyler and Rory dive right in to their relationship and Tyler can not take the money or her virginity.  Rory can’t believe someone as hot as Tyler could want some nerdy girl like her and Tyler is torn between bringing Rory into his disheveled life and letting her go for good. 

This whirlwind romance had me from the first page and kept me turning until the last sentence.  I absolutely loved this book, but did feel the ending was kind of rushed and I didn’t get the happily ever after that I thought the characters deserved.  Then I continued turning and discovered that this is a series and I fell in love with this writer and this book all over again.  I can always get my happily ever after in the next chapter of this series. 

The obstacles that these characters face are so believable and I am so sympathetic to their situations; those scenarios really brought me into this story and made the characters believable.  This story really flowed well and readers will appreciate this well written book.

I give this book a 5 star review.  If you are looking for a not so sappy twist on a love story pick up this book.


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