Monday, May 20, 2013

Dante Walker Series

The Collector by Victoria Scott

So as I am reading The Collector, I feel like I have read this before oh yeah Abbi Glines published The Existence Trilogy and her death’s name was Dank Walker.  Although I feel like this particular story line might have been done before especially by my favorite author, (can’t give you too many shout outs Abbi) I did also like the originality in this book.

 Being from Alabama I liked that the setting was in AL, but didn’t see any of the local culture or slang.  I loved the humor and thought that Dante was hilarious.  The romance was sweet and the fact that Dante fell for the underdog that no one wanted was nice.

Dante Walker is a soul collector that is working for the devil.  He is sent to small town Alabama to collect the soul of Charlie Cooper in 10 days.  Charlie Cooper is the good to Dante’s evil, her charity work and love of her limp make her who she is and she is proud of that.  She is the nerdy, geeky, pimple faced do-gooder that can hardly think bad things let alone do something bad.  Dante is so screwed trying to get this girl to do something bad to collect her soul. With twists and turns, Dante is hell bend on collecting her soul until he develops feelings for Charlie just as he corrupts her soul.

Ok so my character breakdown for Dante is a douche bag to the nth degree, a total jerk, and the guy that you love to hate.  On the other hand, he is totally hot, a sleek dresser, funny as hell, and has a secret sensitive side (shhhh…don’t tell).

Charlie is the orphaned girl that does no wrong.  She sees the good in everyone, gets made fun of, and loves hard. 

I can not wait for the second installment in this series to see where all the characters are headed.  The balance between good and evil has been tipped, will there be war? 

Susannah and I at BS Reviews have never posted a review of the same book on our blog.  We do however, read most of the same books and talk about them as soon as we finish them.  We make book recommendations often to each other.  She actually started this one and I had it on my “to read” list, so we decided to read it and blog about it.  I can not wait to see her review.  I love her reviews and wish I could write/review like her, she is the professional and I am the wannabe.  So check out her review of this book coming soon!


  1. Nice review! I'm thrilled you read and enjoyed THE COLLECTOR. Can't wait to read Susannah's review next! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I can't wait to see what happens next in this series. Thanks for the comment!