Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Bad Boy is a Good Find

A Bad Boy is a Good Find by Jennifer Lewis

Have you ever started a relationship of backwards? This is the case for Conroy Beale and Lizzie Hathaway. Lizzie is a NY heiress to millions and is in love with and marrying Conroy on Friday. She goes to the Hamptons to tell her parents who disapprove. Conroy is a mechanic with a past but does not tell Lizzie his profession. When her rescues her he is in an expensive car and Armani suit, Lizzie’s imagination runs wild and Conroy let her believe every detail she has drummed up in her mind including his tattoo in an undisclosed location which is his “family crest”.

Lizzie soon find out her father has spent her multimillion dollar inheritance and is awaiting prison time. She still wants Conroy until he tells her the truth, he is not a French aristocrat but a con artiest as Lizzie sees it.

Lizzie derives a plan for them to marry on a TV show and divorce after they make money from filming. To get back at Conroy, she set the location wedding in his home town of Mudbug, LA where his past demons are soon to be dug up.

I loved this book and readers will too. This not your average run-of-the-mill love story, but more like a romantic comedy with twists and turns along the way. I could see this book becoming a big screen hit at the box office. The characters are realistic, the situations are hilarious, and the banter between the leads is what makes this book a hit. The love that the characters find by putting their selves in these uncomfortable situations made me smile. The sex scenes were hot, but not too graphic. I would consider this book in the New Adult genre and not for young readers.

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