Monday, February 4, 2013

Pretty Unlikely

Pretty Unlikely by Emily Hodson


This book was a read to review from Goodreads, after seeing the blurb I decided I would give it a try.  I was not expecting much from this book, and didn’t get a lot out of it either.  The first part of the book captured my attention, and piqued my interest.  It started off good and I enjoyed the most part of the back-story.  Where I got lost in this story was who was making the “noises” and the whole let’s be friend’s part.  It was elementary, to me.  I like paranormal, but this book was not something I would recommend to others.  I really liked the idea of the YA Horror genre it is a great concept.  The writing style has really good potential and I really enjoyed the heroine, Anna.  I would love to have read it written as a YA romance.  I believe the author could knock it out of the park in that genre.  That being said, this was not a home run for me.  I, personally, would read more of Hodson's work.  There is great potential here.

From Goodreads:

No matter how fast you run or how well you hide, you will always have to face your fears. Anna Strouse has just moved to Cleveland, Ohio with her young and crazy mother. Her new life is not good, her new life is not fun. Anna is not amused with her new surroundings at all, especially when she is tortured in her own house every night by horrific noises. Something wants Anna. Something needs Anna, and after she discovers what that something is, it changes her life forever. Fast friendships form as she brings it into this world, hoping for the best, but good things soon go bad, and Anna is left to deal with her mess in the worst ways. Her unintentional naivety starts to affect others around her as well, especially the police. Good and evil collide in this headstrong of a novel that teaches the lessons of life, love, risks, mischief, torture, friendships, and prejudice people. Follow her in Pretty Unlikely... Note: The Bloody Extended Edition includes an author's note, extended dialogue, a sneak peak at the next book to the trilogy, new book cover, along with a photo gallery inside as well, and more!

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