Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sunset Motel by Mallory Love

Sunset Motel by Mallory Love

Sunset Motel #1

When I first read the synopsis of this book it reminded me of the Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones.  I happen to love that series so I thought that I would give this book a try.

This book is unique in its own way.  The main character Sam finds an old diary in a piece of furniture and gets swept up in the writings of Colleen.  Colleen goes through a terrible situation and is hoping for love to find her.

I was more caught up in the story-line between Colleen and Leo than Samantha herself.  I did, however, start to connect with her as the book progressed.  Now I am hooked and cannot wait to see where Samantha will go next!


It started with a diary...

When author Samantha Crews purchases the contents of a storage unit, she has no idea that the antique desk inside holds an old diary that will change her life. But that’s exactly what happens.

As Samantha reads through the yellowed journal and accompanying letters, she’s drawn into a sensual web woven by the erotic story of a love affair between a sheltered young woman and a jaded, scarred recluse. To Samantha’s dismay, the diary ends abruptly, with nothing resolved.

Devastated by the parallels to her own life, she sets out on a quest to find out how the story ends. Will she discover that Colleen and Leo overcame the obstacles separating them to achieve a happily-ever-after? Or were the forces pulling at them too strong, their burgeoning love too fragile to survive?

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