Monday, February 17, 2014

The Lane Series by Kristine Wyllys

Wild Ones by Kristine Wyllys

The Lane # 1

4 Stars
Ok, first off I am not a review who reads the reviews then the books.  I read the books then write my review and post it several different places and read the reviews as I post.  I didn’t write this review like I usually do. 

I was pulling up my “go to” sites where I post review to have the open in my browser for easy access to posting.  I just so happen to see the lack of stars for this book and read the first few review for this book.  I totally disagree with the other reviews.

Wild Ones is the premier book in Kristine Wyllys’ new series The Lane.

I loved this book.  The characters were made for each other.  With the right amount of angst, banter, and chemistry this book quickly leapt to my favorites list.  I can’t believe this was a debut author.  This series is a must follow for me.

I can’t wait to see the next addition to The Lane.

If you like perfectly flawed characters, fighting alpha men and stubborn chicks then pick up Wild Ones.


Bri Martin likes her skirts too short, her heels too high, and trouble close at hand. So when big, brooding underground boxer Luke Turner comes into the bar where she works and starts a fight before she brings his first drink, she can't help being intrigued. Luke is everything she never wanted and everything she can't resist.

Soon, Luke is showing up everywhere Bri is, and she can't break free of his hold on her, nor does she want to. When her best friend turns on her, it's Luke who is there. When Luke's opponent comes after her to send Luke a message, it's he who comes to her rescue.

Before Bri knows it, she's caught in the midst of a rivalry between her boyfriend and her boss, both of whom are not content to settle their scores inside the ring. She swore she'd never live this life, so like the one she once ran from. But only by confronting her past can she decide where her future lies…and whether Luke can be a part of it.

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