Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Forbidden Heart

The Forbidden Heart by V.C. Andrews

2 ½ stars

This novella was more like a prequel to a series or book, regardless there is more to come of these characters.  It was very short and basically introduced characters.  We find out that Ellie’s parents died and her sister Roxy, who happens to be an escort, takes her to Paris and leaves her with her gay uncle and his partner. 

I had several problems with this story.  Just as it starts getting good it ends; no closure, open ended in a way, that’s why I fell this must be a prequel.  Also, all the character’s names that are French are capitalized, but the American character’s are not.  I was just too short, but after the ending it did give additional information on the sister’s story, so I assume it is the start of a new series.


The Forbidden series continues in this thrilling e-novella, as Emmie must reinvent herself in Paris after her older sister, a high-priced escort, suddenly disappears.Emmie risked everything to track down her long-lost older sister, only to be left behind in Paris after Roxy finds love and escapes from her life as a high-class escort. Now in the care of her uncle, Emmie is wise beyond her years but adrift without her sister. When she meets a charming and seductive young French man, she must remember all of Roxy’s lessons on love and sex to make sure she doesn’t go too far too soon…


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